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Getting a good look to inspect some hard to reach areas like your car's engine, can be a difficult task, but with FiScope™ you can now ease your way around.
This is a WiFi endoscope with camera that is specially designed to travel down to the smallest of places and help you get a good view of the things that are not visible to the naked eye. 

It is best suited for many DIY or repairing and maintenance projects such as looking into a drain to see a leak or inside any machine to investigate blockages or see behind an obstruction. 

FiScope™ has its very own WiFi module that emits its own signals for your device to connect to. Simply turn on the WiFi module, download the app for camera syncing and once the connection is made you will be able to see real-time video streaming in crisp HD quality.
FiScope™ is a powerful, strongly built waterproof endoscope which will ease your work in day to day life.

  • Lost objects are now easier to find: FiScope™ is equally beneficial to find lost items in tight spots as it comes with a hook, magnet and mirror which can be attached to the device to pick up the things you locate through the camera. 
  • Wide Application: This endoscope will always come in handy when you have to look for objects in places that are out of your reach such as during vehicle repair, home improvement projects like pipeline, sewage, water leaks or objects lost under the bed.
  • Semi-rigid Cable: FiScope™ is equipped with a strong, semi-rigid cable that can bend and hold its shape to help you access a wide variety of confined places.
  • Certified with IP68 Waterproof Rating: This endoscope is perfectly capable to be submerged in water for extended periods of time as it has an acclaimed IP68 rating. You will receive a waterproof cap that has to be attached in the front so that the camera can investigate and capture images clearly without water bubbles coming in the way.
  • Built-in LED Lights with Brightness Adjustment Switch: There are 8 LED lights that will illuminate dark areas for you to locate objects effortlessly. You can control the brightness level of the LED lights with the brightness adjustment gear and capture the objects in high resolution with just the right amount of light.

  • Sharp and Detailed Picture: This endoscope will help you in recording a clear close range high definition video in AVI format and capture images with up to 1600x1200p resolution in JPG format.
  • Connects to All your Favourite Devices: Unlike traditional wired endoscope, FiScope™ comes with its own WiFi transmitter which makes it compatible with all Android smartphones, iOS devices, Windows PC and Mac.
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