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With Stitchixo™ you can now upgrade your traditional sewing machine to a more professional one. This portable walking foot is a mobile feeding system that holds and moves the fabric between the upper feed dogs of the presser foot and the lower feed dogs of the sewing machine to better control and handle the fabrics for stitching. It helps in getting an even and flawless stitch when stitching continuously.

Being extremely lightweight and compact, you can take it with you to be used on different machines at different places and detach the walking foot when you need to pack up the sewing machine. Each use will give you an even and precise stitch in a straight line without any do-overs.

  • Perfect for Low Shank Sewing Machines: This detachable walking foot is ideal to be used for low shank sewing machines which usually has a  ¼ to ½ -inch length from the screw hole down to the bed of the shank. You can measure the length of yours and then decide all the fabrics that you want to sew using this. 
  • Works on all kinds of Fabric: Stitchixo™can be used on fabrics like silk, wool, cotton, nylon, vinyl fabric, knitting, and lawn fabric too. It helps in quilting and sewing matching prints when controlling dri-fit fabric is an issue.
  • Can be Used with Multiple Speed Modes: Stitchixo™ gives the best results when used in low and medium speed levels. That way you can have better control over the stitch which eliminates any chances of errors and get the job done quicker.
  • Premium Quality Material: Crafted with Premium Grade stainless steel and ABS, This walking foot attachment is durable enough to help you stitch fabrics year after year. It will resist corrosion and rust to keep your sewing experience flawless.
  • Material: Stainless Steel + ABS plastic
  • Color: White
  • Size: 77mm x 35mm x 37mm
  • 1 x Stitchixo™
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
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