VaClean™ Pro

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Why go for professional and expensive skin treatments for skin rejuvenation when you can easily get it at home all by yourself? With this Microcrystalline Blackhead remover, you can suck out blackheads, dead skin cells, dirt and oil from all over your face.

VaClean™ Pro features vacuum stimulation and has a larger surface area that penetrates deep in your skin removing acne, dry skin and evens out fine lines, wrinkles and also reduces hyperpigmentation. 

Equipped with five intensity levels, you can choose the suction power according to the type and need of your skin. Start off with one intensity level and gradually increase the level in areas where the skin is harder and accumulates more impurities. It not only removes impurities but gives an overall rejuvenation to the skin making it brighter and healthier.

If you have extra sensitive skin then you can just as well go for VaClean™ 2.0 that features three intensity levels, mild, normal and strong. Get a professional clean up in just a  few minutes.

  • Changeable Functional Heads: VaClean™ Pro comes with five changeable functional heads while VaClean 2.0 has six changeable heads that effectively and effortlessly clean sensitive areas. The functional heads have different sizes of holes, some small, some oval and some large to extract impurities and dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin from each part of your face, providing you a professional-level face cleansing.
  • Three Beauty Lamps: VacClean™ Pro has been scientifically upgraded with three beauty lamps to give an even tone and complete skincare routine. The green light calms the scrubbed skin and smooths it out. The red light works on your scars to diminish them and the blue light is meant to reduce inflammation and shrink the pores.
  • One for All: This blackhead remover is safe to be used on all skin types, whether sensitive or oily. It will not cause any irritation or side effects after each usage.
  • Straightforward Functions: Simply wash your face first and steam it for 3-5 minutes to open the pores. Then use VaClean™ Pro and select the functional head of your choice. Move it across your skin at the desired intensity level. Once done, you can use any of the beauty lamps to complete your skincare routine. Afterward, wash with water and apply toner to even it out.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, this blackhead remover can be juiced up easily using a C type USB charger adapter. This cordless design makes it a breeze to be carried anywhere since is extremely lightweight and comfortable.
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