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Looking for a shady parking space can turn into hustle if the sun is on fire. We often have to park our vehicle under direct sunlight which leads to the dangerously increased temperature inside the car. Turbinx™ is innovatively designed to overcome this heating problem by ejecting out the heat present inside. This way, both the driver and the passengers can sit inside the car comfortably.

It is a smart car ventilation fan that runs on the energy of sun itself as well as batteries in case of cloudy weather. It can be installed in a few minutes, no mechanic required. The design of Turbinx™ allows you to easily mount it on the window of any car in such a way that the solar panel is present on the outside and the dual fans are present on the inside. It blows the hot air from the car which keeps the car cool and odor-free even after being parked for hours or while driving. It also has a temperature indicator screen which displays the inner temperature of the car.

It is intelligently designed for comfort and convenience. It is extremely lightweight, durable and effortlessly maintains a healthier and comfortable atmosphere inside your car while eliminating odor, pollutants, smoke, and toxic gases, no matter what.

  • Dual Fans: It has two high-efficiency fans that are used to ventilate the hot and unhealthy air from the inside and replace it with a cool and soothing outside air, keeping you refreshed even in the midst of a heatwave. The fans are present on the left and right part of the device. Both the fans can be turned on/off by using their individual switches.
  • Dual Power Mode: It doesn’t require any power supply to function. The device starts automatically within seconds under direct sunlight. It has a solar panel on the outside which collects solar energy and powers the dual fans. In case of no sunlight, you can use batteries by pressing the Mode button present in the middle to make your traveling experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
  • Cost-Efficient and Waterproof: Regular exposure to sunlight can gradually damage your vehicle’s interiors. Turbinx™ keeps your interior protected, making sure that you won’t have to spend a fortune on repairs or replacements. It also maintains a normal inner temperature, reducing the amount of fuel consumed and time taken by the A.C. to cool down the cabin. Its outer part is completely waterproof which makes it a great addition to your car.
  • Effortless Setup and Easy Operation: It can be installed within a few minutes without any wires, cables or any professional help. Simply roll down your window, place the solar fan onto it, secure with strips without leaving any gaps, position the solar panel towards the sun and roll the window back up, as easy as that. Furthermore, the installation strips can be trimmed as per your requirements. With easy button operation and safe design, Turbinx™ can be easily operated even by kids.
  • Universal Design and Temperature Display: Turbinx™ is ideal for all the cars. It can be mounted onto any window to exhaust out the heat present inside, making it cool. It has an inbuilt thermometer which senses the inside temperature of the vehicle. The temperature is displayed on a screen all the time when the device is working. This way, you can always be aware of the exact temperature of your vehicle.
  • Premium Quality and Eco-friendly: It is made with high-quality ABS material, making it environment-friendly and durable. It uses no fuel or power and is designed to work on solar energy, making it pollution-free. Due to this fan, the air conditioner works less and a lot of harmful emissions are stopped this way, making it an eco-friendly product.
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