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Capture and relive the best moments of your skiing and snowboarding adventures with Camskea™. It is a Ski Goggle Camera that records 1080p HD videos and photos while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, winds, glares, and faceplants.
Camskea™ has a 140° wide-angle camera, easily switched ON/OFF by a button on the front as you freeride on the pow pow. Unlike digital cameras, it requires no mounting and captures everything from your point of view, like a third eye!

All data goes directly to your memory card for you to access conveniently. Apart from providing you with great memories, these sunglasses also prevent snow blindness, a temporary loss of vision, common in whiteout enthusiasts.
So, look after your peepers, get rid of inconvenient ways to record your adventures and get amazing materials for your after-movie with Camskea™.
  • Perfect Sports Companion: Camskea™ can be used as regular ski sunglasses. It only records when you want it to. Equipped with a double-anti-fog lens, you don’t have to worry about the goggles getting foggy. So, make sure you capture all your steezes as well as falls. 
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable and removable battery, you can easily charge Camskea™ using a basic USB cable that connects directly to your glasses. This way, you are always ready for the next day at slopes. 
  • Easy Operation and Access: Just press the Power Button and Camskea™ will start recording videos. Press the Camera Button and it will take a picture just like a regular camera. Both the videos and the photographs are stored directly on your memory card.
  • Flexible Storage: Saving your footage has never been easier. This unisex goggle has a Micro SD card slot. You can insert a 2-32 GB memory card before switching on the goggles and all the media will be stored in the memory card for you to share with your friends and family.
  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade TPU and rubber, it is both long-lasting and comfortable. The screen of Camskea™ is made with multiple anti-glare and UV isolating layers to protect your eyes and it can also withstand extremely cold temperatures ranging from -20° to -40°.
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