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At the end of a long hard working day, getting good sound sleep is a must and what’s better is to cuddle with your partner. Now spooning feels really amazing until eventually your or your partner's hand starts going numb. Snuggex™ is however designed to ensure your cuddling time maximizes with utmost comfort for both of you.

It has an innovative tunnel design through which you can rest your arm across while your partner lays their head on it, solving both the purposes of comfort and cuddle.

With firm support on both the sides, Snuggex™ prevents any kind of pressure from uncomfortably pressing on your arms or legs. It has been specifically designed to prevent pressure, numbness, and pain while resting on your arm. You can just as easily use the pillow for your own comfort if you are a side sleeper and have the habit of sleeping with your head over your hand.

Whichever position you sleep in, Snuggex™ innovative pillow is sure to optimize your comfort level. 

  • Supports your Neck and Cervical Area: Created with super soft material Snuggex™ not just provides you with sound sleep but also supports your neck cervical area efficiently. It has been designed in accordance with your neck posture. Using the pillow every day will eliminate any chances of a stiff neck and you’ll wake up fresh and energetic.
  • Efficiently Supports your Back too: You can also use the pillow to get back support when you are sitting on a chair for too long. Be it at work or car or a library, if you need to spend a few hours sitting, you need Snuggex™ to give your back the ideal support.
  • Ideal for Napping on Desks and Tables: When you have had a long day at work and you still need to cover some extra hours, Snuggex™ will be your ideal partner. You can take a quick power nap on your desk by resting your head on the pillow and place your arms underneath the gap. This way you will not be putting any pressure on your hands and will be able to rest your eyes for a good few minutes.
  • Handy and Conveyable: You can easily take the pillow along with you wherever you go since it is extremely lightweight. Be it on a road trip or on a camping trip or just for a sleepover, Snuggex™ pillow will put you to snooze as soon as you rest your head on its comfortable cushion.
  • Premium Quality Material: It has been ideally created with memory foam that molds to the shape of your body and comes back to its original place when not being used. Also, the cover is created from premium grade polyester to give a soft and light surface feel.
  • Material: Premium grade memory foam and polyester cover
  • Color: White
  • Size: 35 x 30 x 13 cm/14 x 12 x 5 in
  • 1 x Snuggex™
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