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Now you no longer have to break your back trying to clean every corner of your house. Intelli-Kleen™ is a robot vacuum cleaner that efficiently cleans dust, dirt, and mops the floor in hard to reach places so that you don’t have to.

Equipped with multiple extra-long brushes, this vacuum sweeper has a strong suction power which will clean out even the dustiest corners of your room. With a cotton cloth situated underneath the robot vacuum, it effectively mops water and liquids off the floor.

Reaching the most difficult corners, this works great on all types of floors including wooden, marble, carpets and ceramics too.
With Intelli-Kleen™ you can clean your smart home smartly.

  • UV Sterilization: Intelli-Kleen™ is intelligently designed with Ultraviolent germicidal irradiation technology that wipes out germs and effectively sterilizes the floors and carpets. Not just dirt, this vacuum cleaner robot ensures that the entire place has been cleaned thoroughly to maintain your healthy lifestyle.
  • Anti-Collision Sensors: It features smart sensors that detect any obstacle on its paths such as chairs, tables or walls and automatically diverts its direction to avoid being stuck at a point. This frees you of the worry to check on the robot vacuum every now and then.
  • One Button Operation: With just one single button, you can easily switch the vacuum on and off with a single press. Its compact and lightweight design makes operating it all the more convenient.
  • Rechargeable: The cordless design of Intelli Kleen™ eases mobility of the robot vacuum sweeper. Simply charge it with a USB cable plugged into an adapter or power bank or laptop and its good to go. Once charged fully, it can be used continuously for 120 minutes at a stretch.
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