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The simplest solution to great health is to drink water that is free of harmful elements like lead and chlorine. With Aquaxo™, you can now get the purest form of drinking water at home by just pouring into and plugging up this water distiller machine.

It will efficiently and quickly remove heavy metals, bacterias, germs, viruses, and other toxic contaminants to provide you with clean and healthy water.

The water distiller is fitted with a carbon filter that removes harmful volatile organic compounds and removes odors during distillation. It also improves the taste of the water by eliminating chlorine from it. This will, in turn, help your organs to function better, improve digestion and regulate the body's metabolism.

  • Your Safety Prioritised: The water distiller is designed with a special heat resistant layer which ensures that the handle doesn't heat up and harm the user. Also, the auto cut-off system automatically shuts down the machine when the temperature reaches 160° C in order to keep it from overheating.
  • Made with Finest Grade Material: Aquaxo™ is made from pure stainless steel that has high-temperature resistance even at 160° C. It will also keep corrosion and rust at bay.
  • Easy to Operate: To put it to work, fill it with water then simply plug the distiller cap into the distiller container along with plugging in the distiller machine to a power outlet. Then put the cap on the machine. Proceed to attach the vent to the water jug and wait for the distillation process to complete.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Aquaxo™ is a compact and handy machine that takes up very little space. This countertop water distiller can be kept in the kitchen or anywhere in the house and it will distill up to 24 liters of water in a day. It can also be carried to your workplace since it is light and wieldy.
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