Posture Corrector Pro™

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Bad posture can cause a whole host of issues - like the humpback, lumbar lordosis, sway back, thoracic kyphosis forward head. Our Posture Corrector Pro™ is specifically designed to help you:

  • Stand Tall with Confidence - Posture Corrector Pro improves slouched, hunched shoulders for a taller, confident appearance while allowing freedom of movement. The padded brace pulls back the shoulders and realigns the clavicle bone to maintain proper posture, relieving the pain and pressure often caused by hunched shoulders.
  • Correct Wrong Posture at Office - Eases tension from sitting at office before the computer all day by training muscles to support proper posture. It gently corrects cervical and thoracic conditions for proper spinal alignment. Provides proper support at home, at the office or at the gym.
  • Be Comfortable & at Ease - features cross strap and central double splints inside. Full back cover, breathable foam padding provides all day comfort for posture correcting support.

  • Strong Support - The Posture Corrector Pro™ can be also used as back brace, strong support to shoulder, back and waist, helping you stand taller and straighter.
  • Pain Relief - The Posture Corrector Pro™ contains 10 magnets and ample support helping you ease chronic back and lumbar pain.
  • Fully Adjustable - Two adjustable straps and velcro belt offer you a wide range of adjustment, easy to change the degree of support.
  • Unisex design - suitable for both men, women and children.
  • Comfortable & easy to put on by yourself.
  • Unnoticeable Under Clothing.
  • Prevents humpback and slouching - Puts back in a natural position.
  • Made by Hand with Precise Stitching & Maximum Attention to Detail.

WHY choose this item?

You suffer with upper back, shoulder or neck pain, humpback, lumbar disc herniation, fractured clavicle, postural kyphosis, recover after back surgery, therapy or spine related accident. 

You're somebody who spends long time in the office at a desk and computer, hunched over keyboard with your shoulders shrugged, slouching forward to your monitor. 

You developed bad standing and sitting posture and want to improve it before it's too late, to regain lost comfort and mobility of your back. 

HOW does it work?

When worn the Posture Corrector Pro™ physically holds your shoulders back. You will notice an improvement in your posture as muscle memory takes over. In order to correct posture, we must increase our postural awareness with the help of this posture trainer device. The mind will eventually take over and perform these tasks without conscious thought. Previously learned bad posture habits are replaced by better habits. 

WHAT to do for efficient use?

Experts recommend that a thoracic back brace should be used for less than two hours each day. Doing so assists with training core muscle memory and ultimately helps to retrain your posture. Wearing an upper back brace for an extended period of time can cause you to become too reliant on the clavicle strap. 

HOW to Wear:


Length = 17.3 inches or 43.9 cms

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