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With Sewezee™ you can repair, modify and customize stitches, seams and hems of any fabric all in the comfort of your home. This is a mini electric handheld sewing machine that will replace those hefty traditional ones and provide you with a similar intricate, detailed and authentic work.

This machine offers double threads and perfect stitch control with better sight to help you achieve maximum efficiency. Since it is lightweight, you can easily carry it wherever you want and stitch like an expert, leaving a mark of this professional machine.

  • Ideal for All Fabrics: Sewezee™ will ideally fix up any kind of fabric, clothing, silk, wool, jeans, leather, denim, hem pants, drapes, holes rips and almost every type of material. This is a perfect machine for all DIY crafters who want to create beautiful embroidery and get a good practice of sewing as an art.
  • Built-in Light: To make working in low light conditions easier, a built-in yellow light is fitted that illuminates the needle space and work area. This allows you to get a better focus on your work.
  • Easy to Use: This sewing machine can be used easily by beginners, novice and professionals. Sewezee™ is equipped with a thread cutter and gives you more control. It allows you to adjust the tension and increase or decrease the speed according to your own needs, making the job easier.
  • Dual Powering Methods: The sewing machine can be powered by both household chargers and by 4 AA batteries. So if you need to use it outside your home, simply pop in the batteries and power it up.
  • Perfect for Big Scale Work: This lightweight machine though has small size yet is extremely efficient in taking care of all kinds of stitching work. You can just as easily run up some professional big scale works using Sewezee™.
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