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There is something about a beautiful manicure that just looks and feels elegant! Finely crafted, intricately painted, nicely manicured fingernails not only add grace to your overall look but also keep your natural nails healthy.
But aren’t you just tired of spending a fortune on salon visits and nail extensions every other week?

Now, get perfectly manicured, gorgeous nails with salon-like finishing at the comfort of your home with Polygel Nail enhancer kit. Combining the benefits of both acrylic and hard gel in a revolutionary formula, ExoNail™ kit is extremely easy to use and lets you create various ornate and beautiful nails extension in different shapes or other nail art design, effortlessly.

No more dealing with glues, artificial tips, liquid to powder ratio, strong odor, airborne dust and all that hassle that comes with your regular nail extensions! ExoNail™ is free of monomers and offers strong, flexible,  feather-light nails that look completely natural and blend in so seamlessly that you will forget that you’re even wearing any enhancements!

ExoNail™ innovative kit comes everything that you will ever need to achieve glamorous nails extension- a Polygel tube, 100 pc nail forms, gel brush, spatula, base coat, top coat, and a slip solution, making it perfect for both personal and professional use.

Simply prep your nails,  take a bead of gel and place it on the inner side of the dual form and move it gently with the gel brush and slip liquid to create the desired nail length. Then, apply the dual form onto your natural nails, press it gently and cure it. Once done, simply remove the nail form, file the nails, apply the top coat and voila! Stunning and flawless Nail Extensions in no time!

  • Oh-so-gorgeous Nails: Getting perfect nails couldn’t get easier! Whether you want to go for long, short, bold, minimalist or gem embellished nails, you no longer need to wait for your nails to grow as ExoNail™ kit lets you achieve the desired length and create your own gorgeous nail extensions without any hassle. You can even use any regular gel polish on the top of it, making it one of its kind. Now flaunt that beautiful and glamorous manicure, nail arts while giving your nails the much-needed makeover.
  • Easy to apply: Whether you are a nail expert or just a DIY beginner, with ExoNail™ kit you can achieve those perfect nail extensions in a few simple steps. The gel has the consistency of putty so it’s extremely mouldable and all the ingredients are pre-mixed so there’s no liquid to powder ratios to worry about. You can literally grab a tube and you’re ready to start work. ExoNail™ can be used with the dual forms, nail form or apply as an overlay and it will provide you smooth, flawless nails with beautiful even color.
  • Convenient: A fresh manicure can fix anything  But not everyone has time and patience to visit the salon every week for a refresh! With ExoNail™ kit you can bring your nail salon at home and get professional like finish with minimal efforts and time. It dries quickly and turns into a hard, nail-like structure in seconds, requiring only 30-60s curing time for the LED lamp 2 mins in case of UV Lamp, making it a great addition to both nail salons and DIY nail art at home.
  • Nails that last long: It's time to move on from traditional nail extensions, acrylic or gel nails that have a daunting procedure and yet don't last even for a week. The Polygel nails are lighter and flexible than acrylics so you would hardly notice that you’re wearing it! ExoNail's unique formula is stronger than hard gels and can easily last for up to 4 weeks, making it ladies favorite.
  • Safe And Eco-friendly: Unlike the acrylics that create airborne dust, has a strong odor, ExoNail™ kit is completely monomer-free and safe to use. Suitable for everyone, the formula is extensively salon tested, made of high quality and hypoallergenic ingredients that won’t cause any harm to your skin or natural nails.
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