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Wondering how you can come up with more ways to spend some extra time practicing your guitar when you have so little time to spare? Well, Fretzy™ is here to resolve your issue. It's a pocket guitar that essentially works as a practicing tool and resembles a down-scaled version of an acoustic-electric guitar.

Fretzy™ will fit right into your pocket, simply push it back inside the case and you are good to go. You won’t have to take out a specific time from your busy schedule to keep practicing the guitar as Fretzy™ is portable which means it can be used anywhere, anytime.

This pocket guitar will not just help you to get a perfect finger dexterity but is ideal for practicing scales, chords, and riffs. You can also use a pick to familiarize yourself with its use as the strumming technique can be implemented in the same way as if you were playing a real guitar.
Its silent mode of operation doesn't produce any sound when strung so you won't be bothering people around you while practicing.

Moreover, Fretzy™ Pro is equipped with a digital screen that is fitted on the top so that you can view the chords while your fingers strum across.

You will no longer lose touch of playing the chords as Fretzy™ is a great way to practice without having to carry the big and bulky guitars everywhere you go.

  • Play Even Outside the Comfort of Your Home: You won’t be wondering what to do while you are stuck in traffic in a bus or commuting to work in a subway, as Fretzy™ is the ideal way to utilize time constructively. It has been ergonomically designed as a compact and easy to carry instrument. Wherever you may be, you can now keep your fingers strumming and achieve brilliance in no time.
  • No More Complaints from Your Neighbors: Playing late at night because you didn’t have enough time to touch your guitar throughout the day sometimes invites your neighbors and your household members unwanted attention. This pocket guitar will help you to overcome that problem as it doesn’t make any noise and at the same time enhances your learning. So use it in a library or a museum, your practice session will go undisturbed.
  • Adjust Tension of the Strings As Per Your Need: You do not need to worry when the strings loosen up after frequent use as you will be able to adjust the tension of the strings with a stainless steel tool provided with the pocket guitar. This will keep the quality of the product intact and go a long way to help you.
  • Rotatable Digital Screen: The digital screen attached on Fretzy™ Pro can be rotated up to 180° wherein you will be able to see the name of the chord that you are playing and an inbuilt metronome allows you to track the tempo of your music. This will, in turn, develop the muscle memory for chords.
  • Premium Quality: It is created out of high-quality plastic with a mahogany finish on the fretboard, making it extremely durable and gives an elegant touch altogether. Fretzy™ comes outfitted with the same stainless steel strings used on actual real guitars, the genuine kind. :)
  • Material: Body made up of Premium Grade Plastic, Strings made from Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black with a Mahogany finish
  • Length: In Case: 11.2 inch, Outside Case: 19 inch
  • 1 x Pocket Guitar
  • 1 x Tension Adjusting Tool
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