Stashoe™ Pro

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You will no longer have to spend every next weekend perfecting and curating your shoe collection with Stashoe™ Pro. This is a drawer-style shoe storage box with an easy push and pull design that makes storing and retrieving each pair of shoes extremely convenient.

The shoe box organizer opens up like drawers so that you can put your footwear in them neatly and separately. It will allow you to stack your shoes, heels, and flats in an organized manner, eliminating any hassle whatsoever.

Stashoe™ Pro is a transparent shoe organizer storage box that will show you the contents from outside and you can easily choose the footwear to go with your outfit for the day. It keeps your shoes clean from dust and dirt caused by stacking them one on the other.

It can be easily installed and detached too if you do not need the box or are wanting to move it. This smart shoe box will be an absolute essential for your smart lifestyle.

  • Open Flap or Draw: Stashoe™ opens up like a lid that can be placed both horizontally and vertically, whichever saves you more space while Stashoe™ Pro has a more futuristic design that opens up like a drawer. Either way, both will be an ideal choice.
  • Air Ventilation Hole: Equipped with ventilation holes, the shoebox will ensure proper air circulation inside the box to eliminate any chances of a foul odor lingering inside it. Stashoe™ Pro features several ventilation holes at the back while Stashoe™ has one single hole in the front that also helps you to open up the box.
  • Fits All Shoe Sizes:  This drop front shoe box has a universal design that will hold all sizes of footwear. Whether you keep a (US) size 5 or 9, it will hold all shoes, from kids to adults, properly and neatly.
  • Saves Space: The plastic shoe rack will help you keep all your footwear organized and in one single place. You can stack them up one on the other and it will save a lot of space and you will not have to spare time looking for your favorite pair. This, in turn, will make your place look tidier and cleaner.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Stashoe™ has been intelligently designed with robust PP plastic that is durable enough to hold heavyweight shoes. It has a stylish design that will go with any home decor.
  • Stack Other Essentials too: It can be used for stacking anything and everything. Not just shoes, but other essentials like wallets, keychains, jewelry, handkerchiefs and anything that would fit can be properly stocked up in the box. Since it is lightweight and compact, you can carry it with you wherever you can.

  • Material: Premium Grade PP plastic
  • Color: Transparent White
  • Size: 34 x 24 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 450gm
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