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We all use our smartphones to watch YouTube videos, movies, and our favorite TV shows, leaving our eyes and hand strained. Magnifone™ solves this problem by holding and magnifying your smartphone screen so you can watch it from a comfortable distance.

Magnifone™ is a Portable Screen Magnifier that instantly magnifies your mobile screen up to 5x times. It is also a smartphone holder.  Bluetooth speaker and Powerbank for you to take it on the go.

Equipped with a Fresnel lens, it’s massive 12-inch screen supports 3D movies as well as stereoscopic videos while protecting your kid’s eyes from direct and close-range viewing. Apart from an in-built speaker, it also has a microphone with which you can answer your calls while it charges your smartphone.

So, if you are a fan of reading articles or streaming videos online, Magnifone™ will instantly boost your viewing experience.

  • Light and Compact: Magnifone™ is very lightweight and foldable which makes it easy to use, store and carry along. It is easily folded and retracted which adds to its convenience. Also, the parts are detachable so you can clean them with a damp cloth anytime you want.
  • Ergonomic Design: The frameless design of Magnifone™ looks very elegant and futuristic while its slanted angle provides comfortable and suitable viewing, making it perfect to read news or e-books on your smartphone without straining your eyes.
  • Rechargeable and Reusable: While Magnifone™ Lite requires no direct power supply, you can charge Magnifone™ using a USB cable. You can also use a rechargeable 18650 battery instead. Magnifone™ is also a Powerbank that can juice up your phone if needed.
  • Universally Compatible: Designed to fit all smartphones, both Magnifone™ and Magnifone™ Lite are compatible with all smartphones whether it’s an android phone, iOS or windows phone. It is like using your phone with a magnifying glass or having a personal movie projector all the time.
  • Easy Operation: Magnifone™ Pro has got 4 easy-to-operate buttons on the front with which you can control your media playback and the audio.
    First Button: Press to lower down the volume.
    Second Button: Press to increase the volume.
    Third Button: Press to Answer/End calls.
    Fourth Button: Press to turn On/Off the device.
  • Premium Quality: Magnifone™ is made with ABS and TPU material whereas Magnifone™ Lite is made with high-grade Acrylic and wood, ensuring sturdiness and durability. Both the variants cover enough surface area which makes them very stable.
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