Lumbar and Neck Support Pillow

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Have you been struggling to drive for long hours that result in intense back and neck stiffness? With this neck and lumbar pillow, you will no longer end up with any discomfort even after long hours of driving.

The lumbar pillow is designed to keep your spine properly aligned and reduces strain and pressure from the lower back. The neck pillow will give optimum support to your head, neck, and shoulders, eliminating any chances of pain and numbness.

The lumbar and neck pillow will allow you to rest your head and back when you take a halt on your way. It will be most effective in reducing Sciatica Pain which is more common for those who drive on a daily basis.

The pillows are very easy to attach to any car seat or detach when needed to be taken elsewhere. This will keep your love for long drives alive for a long long time. 

  • Improves Posture: The neck and lumbar pillow keep your back from slouching which in turn helps in improving your sitting posture. It helps you sit up straight and keep your cervical area aligned with your spine resulting in reduced stiffness and soreness from back muscles and hip area.
  • Intelligent Design: The lumbar support pillow has adjustable straps and the neck pillow has velcro to keep the pillows stay intact while you speed up. They are designed with a lumbar and neck curve for a custom fit to keep your entire back aligned properly and reduce any discomfort. The pocket provided on the side of the lumbar pillow gives you an extra space to store some of your essentials like cell phone, power bank, etc.

  • Cleans Easy: In order to clean the seat cushions, You can unzip the covers and put them in the machine to be washed. It can be hand-washed too and the quality of the cover won’t be compromised.

  • Take it Anywhere You Want: The back cushions are extremely lightweight so they can be carried around easily. You can use the cushions at home or the workplace or when on a bus or airplanes or even if you are in the passenger seat of the car as a car neck pillow to take rest.

  • Breathable Mesh Fabric: The lumbar cushion is covered with breathable flannelette fabric that maintains constant air ventilation so that the material doesn’t stick to your skin or cause sweating. It will also keep any false odors at bay and provide maximum comfort at all times. The neck cushion has a PU Leather cover that is cool to the touch and keeps your exposed neck area comfortable.

  • Crafted with Premium Quality Material: Made from 100% memory foam, the cushions retain their original shape even after long hours of usage. The bacteriostatic leather material of the neck pillow cover ensures that you do not end up with any skin irritation or itchiness.


    • Material:
      Lumbar Pillow- Premium Quality Flannelette Fabric + Memory Foam
      Neck Pillow- Premium Quality PU Leather + Memory Foam
    • Color: Black
    • Size(Approx):
      Lumbar Pillow- Length 34cm * Width 32cm * Thickness 12cm
      Neck Pillow- 40 x 32 x 13cm 


      • 1 x Neck Pillow / Lumbar pillow/ Neck Pillow + Lumbar Pillow
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