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If you own a pet, chances are very high that you have fur all over your clothes every day. Not just the clothes, the bed, the floor, and the furniture remain fur-laden, then Furrelo™ is a must-have for you.

It is a manual fur and lint remover that can clean your fur and lint from your clothes without any damage. It requires no sticky tapes and refills unlike the traditional lint-removing rollers and saves both your time and money.

Furrelo™ works like magic and picks up all those fine hairs that a tape lint roller could easily have left behind. It works on the principle of Electrostatic Adsorption because of which the lint is collected more efficiently than any ordinary lint remover. So, you can upgrade from a tape lint roller to Furrelo™ now to keep your fur-laced clothing and upholstery neat and clean.

Just swipe it softly and slowly over the desired surface to trap all the lint and fur. It is also double-sided so you can use both the sides before cleaning it and using it again which practically saves 50% of your time. 

  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly: Furrelo™ is manually operated so no electricity or batteries are required for the operation that means it is 100% environment-friendly. It requires no fussy tapes unlike traditional rolling lint removers or the upgraded electric lint removers.
  • Quick & Cost-efficient: Furrelo™ can save both your time and money. Simply wipe it gently over the linted surface, and the unwanted hair and lint will be swept up instantly. It works from both the sides so you can do your clean-up twice as fast as the casual brush.
  • Self-Cleaning Base: When needed, simply put your brush into the cleaning base and pull it out. This will quickly remove the fur or lint right off, cleaning your brush and making it as good as new. The fur is collected in the base itself which can be emptied anytime.
  • Multi-functional: Furrelo™ has many applications, indoors as well as outdoors. It can be used to pick up the lint or hair shed by your pet from your upholstered furniture, carpets, clothing, bed, pillows, fabrics, car seats and a lot more.
  • Premium Quality: It is made with high-quality ABS plastic. The ABS material ensures that the product is non-toxic and safe to use. The trapping fabric has very small bristles in one direction so that you can easily use it against the grain.
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