Neotough™ Shoes

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Ever felt like you really need safety boots but just can’t wear those heavy and uncomfortable shoes?

For many jobs, sports and trips, the importance of safety shoes can’t be understated. Neotough™ not only protect your toes but also keep you safe from injuries, slippery surfaces, exposed nails, sharp tools, temperature and much more.

These safety shoes are designed to be lightweight, flexible yet so tough that nothing can puncture through them. They offer optimal protection and comfort for all day long and are very stylish and functional.

In addition to a steel toe cap at the front, Neotough™ also feature anti-puncture steel pad, comfortable midsole, anti-slip rubber sole and breathable mesh for ultimate safety and comfort.

Now enjoy your trips, go to work or play outdoor sports with extra safety and peace of mind.


  • Comfortable and Stylish: Neotough™ are specifically designed to offer the protection of work shoes with the comfort of a sneaker. With the lightweight design and breathable mesh and lining, you will never have to compromise with those uncomfortable bulky boots.
    They look like your normal hike shoes but provides all the functionality you need at work or outdoors while keeping you stylish with its handsome silhouette.
  • Safety And Protection: No more getting hurt at work or trips! Neotough™ are equipped with Steel toe cap, Anti-punctured steel pad, Hi-poly insole, Anti-slip rubber sole, and features high duty built. The keep your feet safe from injuries, rough/slippy surfaces, exposed nails, sharp tools, temperature while offering ultimate comfort and breathability.
  • Premium Quality Material: Neotough™ shoes are made of high material and built to last. Whether you work in the most demanding environment or going on an adventurous trip, their sturdy and durable built has got you covered.
  • Versatile: These multiple-purpose shoes are best suitable for physically demanding jobs like jobs at construction sites, factories, forging workshops etc. They are comfortable, safe, durable and perfect for sports and outdoor adventures, such as trekking, hiking, mountaineering and more.4681950361_1893691750

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