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Now keep your garden greener, cleaner and healthier with Maxsow™. This is a liquid lawn seeder that coats, treats, and blends premium quality grass seed with the proprietary Mousse Additive to give a luscious-looking lawn in no time.

You can cover patchy ground, dry spots, dog spots, high traffic areas using the liquid lawn seeder and beautify your space altogether.

The liquid lawn seeder will clearly show you where you have planted thus eliminating guesswork and mistakenly stepping over it. Maxsow™ contains a special sticking solution that attaches the seeds with the soil so it cannot be washed off with water.

It is very easy to use, simply fill the container with seeds and liquid seeder and mix well. Then spray it on the areas that need seeding.

  • Quickens the Growth of Grass: This liquid lawn fertilizer increases the yielding by two times faster.  Unlike the traditional methods of seeding, this lawn seeder will fasten the growth of the grass and you will witness the yield in just a few days.
  • Eco-Friendly Mixture: The liquid seeder is completely safe to be used on the soil as it reduces the seed’s water surface tension allowing it to absorb more water. This way you will not have to water your lawn over and over again to increase the yield.
  • Grows in Hot and Cold Weather: You will no longer have to wait for the perfect spring season to start expecting a greener lawn when you can just as easily use Maxsow™ to recover the greenery of your garden in any season.
  • Attaches to Any Garden Hose: The lawn sprayer is extremely lightweight and easy to carry and operate. It can be attached to any garden hose ensuring a more convenient operation.
  • Cost-Effective: Say goodbye to hiring professional help and getting your lawn fixed. You will now be able to fix it up on your own and once you spread the liquid seeder evenly in all the right places, you can be sure to no lose that luscious look for a long time. Each kit will reseed a hundred square foot area or 200 spots.
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