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Now Revamp your kitchen shelves, cabinets and make them more spacious and organized with Stackily™. This is an adjustable shelf rack that can be attached to any cabinet and give you more space to store more things in one.

It is specially crafted as a curved shelf that will neatly stack up all the cans and containers, so you can fetch out the spice of your choice without rummaging through the shelf.

This shelf rack can be adjusted to fit any cupboard of any width. It expands to fit into wider cabinets and contracts to settle perfectly in narrow cabinets too. You could also place the two racks side by side on extra-wide cabinets to create more storage space.

  • Doubles Your Usable Storage Space: This shelf rack can hold up to 40 extra pounds and considerably increase the storage space you lacked before. It is 5 times stronger with a non-slip surface to ensure that the bottles won’t slip or slide off.
  • Front Row Visibility: This spice rack will save a lot of your time that you used to spend trying to locate the item of your choice. It will beautifully organize your cabinet with front-row visibility on both the levels. This will keep the mess at bay and optimize your convenience.
  • Easy to Install: Stackily™ can be installed in any cabinet in a jiffy. You can use the existing pins in the cabinet to fix the rack or you can also use the free-standing legs that come with the package. You will not be requiring any additional tools to fix up the shelf.
  • Multipurpose: This shelf rack can be used in washroom cabinets for storing bath essentials or for stacking medicines. You can just as easily use it as a makeup organizer or to store other food items. Place it in a garage or shops to keep all your goods neatly set up.
  • Premium Quality Material: Crafted from Fine Grade ABS, this kitchen spice rack is built to last, assisting all your storage needs. It can be easily be moved from cabinet to cabinet, ideally holding up all your essentials and keeping them safely stacked.

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