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Did you ever have the dilemma of whether to charge your iPhone first or the rest of your iPhone accessories? Now there’s a way you can power up all your devices at once with Voltros™.

It is a 3 in 1 wireless charging station that charges your iPhone, iPods, and iWatch simultaneously. It has been optimized to support all your Qi phones so you will no longer have to carry your charger everywhere.

Thanks to its clever cable management, only one charging cable is required to power up Voltros™ that goes at the back of the dock so you will be putting down all three of your must-haves to charge with just one cable.

Unlike before when your devices often got heated up, this wireless charging station has been intelligently designed to keep all the three devices from overheating whilst powering them up fast. It features a simple and elegant design that goes with all decors.

Designed to Ease your Work

You no longer have to deal with cables lying around everywhere or find different slots to put all your devices on charge at the end of the day. Voltros™ charging station allows you to keep all your devices in the same place so that you won’t forget where you put your Airpods or Apple Watch. Simply juice up all the gadgets overnight and find them near your bedside in the morning.

Enjoy Hands-free Experience

Whether you have an important skype interview or need to facetime someone but do not have enough battery left then this qi wireless charger is there for your rescue. You can place your phone horizontally or vertically and keep up with all the important work you have to do on your iPhone while it charges. The dock will ensure that your device doesn’t heat up while you use it during charging.

Case Friendly Design

This charging station allows you to set up your iPhone with the case on. The base support has ample space to accommodate all types of cases whether thin or bulky. 

Easy to Use

There are no complex procedures involved in setting up Voltros™ three in one charging dock. Simply plug in your Type-C charger and a blue LED light will go on in the front indicating that it's on. After that can you can place your phone, airpods and apple watch in their designated places to charge them all at once.

Light and Portable

Voltros™ charging dock is lightweight which makes it easier for you to carry it by. So if you forgot to power up all your devices last night you can carry the station with you to work or anywhere you go. It is fairly compact and neat so it won’t take up much of your desk or side table space either. 

Sturdy and Premium Quality Material

Voltros™ is created from premium grade ABS with an anti-slip base that keeps your iPhone in place, ensuring it doesn’t slide off from the side. The base is equipped with rubber padding to prevent your phone from any scratches or damage.

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