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Cleaning the dirty places in and around the house can be a challenge especially for those hard to reach places. Hifloxo™ will now be the solution for all such problems.

It is a high power pressure washer nozzle that will transform your regular garden hose into a powerful jet pressure stream. It comes with dual nozzle heads and allows versatile methods of cleaning.

Hifloxo™ is very easy to set up or install and will fit your normal 3/4 “ standard garden hoses. This pressure washer nozzle is equipped to blast away dirt and grime from all kinds of surfaces, be it muddy sidewalks, grimy wooden fences, moldy brick walls, dirty cars or sticky residue from swing chains. The force with which the water is channeled will only clean the dirt and not strip the paint of the car or the protective coating thus saving a lot of time and energy. 

The powerful pressure washer nozzle will allow you to clean the windows and walls that are two storeys above without you having to climb up on the ladder and reach out to it. So no more using harsh chemicals to get rid of tough stains and germ causing dirt.

  • Double Nozzle Head: There are two attaching heads, jet spray, and fan spray head that go on the top of the nozzle. The jet spray head channels the water in one direction while the fan spray head spreads the water flow to cover more area at once. If you have to clean minute areas with very little gaps and places with stubborn and sticky dirt then the jet spray head is the ideal attachment. For all the other places you can use the fan spray to wash out larger areas.
  • Thoroughly Cleans All Surfaces:  Hifloxo™ can be used to clean any kind of surface be it plastic, glass, wood, metal, brick or concrete. The force of the water will not cause any damage to the material underneath but effectively remove all kinds of dirt and slime and gunk.
  • Multifunctional: Not just cleaning, Hifloxo™ can also be used as a washing water gun, gardening and agricultural irrigation tool. You can just as easily use it to clean out the drains and clogged pipes too. This will work as a great tool for some home repair projects.
  • Cost-efficient and Time-Saving: You no longer will have to drop your car at a car wash or get professional help to do some intensive cleaning in and around the house. Using Hifloxo™ will guarantee the same competent cleaning and save much of your time and money than before. Frequent use will protect the exterior of your home from harmful pathogens.
  • Premium-Quality Material: Hifloxo™ has been durably constructed with fine grade alloy that makes the tube rust and corrosion-resistant. Premium grade copper has been used for the valve and TPR forms the handle. These constitute the sturdiness of the pressure washer nozzle.
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