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Want to know if there is a hidden spy camera in your hotel room or powder room or bathroom? With Spyonic™ you can now be sure if your privacy hasn’t been compromised with. This is a mini hidden camera detecting device that uses special infrared lights to detect the smallest of hidden camera lenses.

The bright LED lights of this spy detector have been specially engineered to bounce off of the reflective surface that all camera lenses have, whether big or small.

It has a fairly straightforward operation, simply activate the LED lights, look through the viewfinder and slowly move the device in one motion scanning all the surfaces in your surroundings until you are sure there aren’t any hidden cameras. Even if the hidden camera is switched off, you will clearly see the camera lens blinking back at you up to 45 feet away.

Spyonic™ also works as an anti-theft alarm which when switched on detects motion and alerts you about it. The device can be easily attached to a bag or doorknob when you sleep, with the alarm switched on. Afterward, you can switch off the alarm when not needed.

  • Advance Response Sensitivity: This spy camera detector is designed with a special motion detector and acoustic sensor that will instantly detect a movement on the device wherever you place it on. It will vibrate and emit a high-frequency alarm that will alert you and people in your surrounding when a theft is being attempted or an intruder tries to break-in.
  • Equipped with LED Flashlight: This spy detector also has an LED flashlight that can be used by simply pressing the middle button on the device identified with a flashlight icon. The flashlight is bright enough to illuminate a room instantly and comes in handy when you cannot risk taking out your phone on a dark and empty street.
  • Pocket-Sized Device: This two-in-one anti-theft and hidden camera detector is an extremely compact and lightweight device that makes it a breeze to carry it anywhere. It is ideal to be used when traveling for baggage supervision and can also be used at home on a daily basis.
  • Rechargeable: Equipped with a strong lithium-ion battery, Spyonic™ can be powered up using any C type USB adapter or power bank. It only takes two hours to fully charge up and lasts up to 10 hours at a stretch. 
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