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With Hypulsor™ you will no longer require a professional to help you with a massage and release pain from your muscles and ligaments. It is a handheld, full-body percussion massager that applies pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissues and relieve you from constant pain.

It will loosen out the painful knots in your muscles and effectively improve blood circulation to reduce soreness from that particular region.

Hypulsor™ is equipped to deliver efficient massages on every part of the body so you can easily apply the low-intensity pulses on your shoulder, arms, legs, thighs, back, lower back and knees to get relief from any form of discomfort. It will also ideally remove harmful toxins from your body that becomes a cause of stiffness and spasm. 

With 3000 percussions per minute, the device will deliver rapid pulsations that will soften the stiff muscle tissues and accelerate recovery from overworked muscles, thus improving muscle responsiveness and blood circulation.

  • Multiple Attaching Heads for Increased Efficiency: Hypulsor™ comes with different heads to hit the exact spot and cover all of your massage bases. 
    1. Ball Shaped Heads:  Designed to massage your entire body effectively. 
    2. Cone Head: Releasing any form of pressure from joints by targeting the trigger points. 
    3. U-Shaped Head: Untangle knots from the entire spinal region improving flexibility.
    4. Spade Head: Releases stiffness from the back and waist.
    5. T-Shaped Head: Equipped to give a full body massage providing relaxation and comfort.
  • Choose the Intensity of your Massage: Equipped with six intensity levels, this deep tissue massager device allows you to select the speed and pressure of the massage. You can use the first level that delivers mild thrusts and then gradually increase the intensity to the areas where the muscle contraction is maximum.

  • One-Stop Solution For All Kinds of Recovery: This portable massager can be used by anyone who suffers from chronic muscles and joints pain. Whether it is a post-workout recovery or rehabilitation, the constant tension in your neck or shoulders or if you have developed backache from sitting in the office chair and working too long, you can get a complete massage that hits all acupoints all in the comfort of your home.
  • Ergonomic Design: This handheld massager has been intelligently designed with an easy-grip handle that allows you to firmly hold the device while you press the trigger button to massage. The intensity switch is ideally situated at the top so you can change the level in between an ongoing massage. Also, it a lightweight, extremely handy device that can be effortlessly carried wherever you want. You will find it comfortable to hold during long massage sessions.
  • A Resourceful Gadget for Everyone: This full-body massager is equipped to give a full body massage to anyone, anytime-anywhere. This massager will improve the performance of an athlete and sportsmen by accelerating muscle recovery. It will also enhance the range of motion quickly so that you can get back in the game sooner. Even a 15 minutes massage will do the trick for you. 
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