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Walking using a cane is more than just a necessity now for elderly people. If you want to stay mobile, skimping on quality is not an option. Which is why we bring you Steadiq™, a collapsible cane that will help you stay on your feet for as long as you want.

It will make sure that you do not suffer from fall or any kind of inactivity. The cane is sturdily built to support weight up to 200 pounds and is functional on a daily basis. Since it is completely collapsible you can easily fold it up when you are not using it.

Steadiq™ is equipped with five levels of height adjustment so that it can be used by anyone even if it belonged to someone shorter or taller than yourself. Simply press the button at the top of the cane and it will shorten/lengthen itself by few inches at once. This way you will not have to go out to the shop to buy a cane that is suitable for your height and posture.

This is not only suitable for elderly people but is ideal for rehabilitation purpose and anybody who needs a hand for some extra support to walk.

  • Light Up The Dark: Steadiq™ has an inbuilt LED flashlight that can be adjusted to any direction you want. This will allow you to view things in the dark. Whether you have to use the washroom at night or move about the house during a sudden power outage, the six LED lights are bright enough to double as a normal torch and make walking in the dark safer and easier.
  • When in Need, Alarm People Around You: Now you can alert people around you in case of emergency with the alarm button provided at the side. In case you are feeling unwell and are unable to speak or you fear someone can cause you some harm you can immediately press the alarm button that will make a high pitched sound to notify people nearby that you need help. Steadiq™ also doubles as a great safety gear for anyone who needs to use this on a daily basis.
  • 360° Anti-Slip Pivoting Base: The cane has been intelligently designed with four non-slip pivoting bases that allow it to stand on its own and you do not have to worry about the stick falling down on the ground if not kept against support. This hence provides smooth walkability on all kinds of terrain.
  • Stand and Walk Without Anyone's Support: There’s another very interesting feature that will catch your attention which is the additional support Steadiq™ provides. It has been intelligently designed with a horizontal handle so that if you have pain in your knees and legs, you can hold on to this handle to make yourself stand up. Also, the handles are contoured to fit the shape of your palm and relieve any wrist pressure. Steadiq™ will be an all in one gear that makes walking a cinch.
  • Carriable and Wieldy: Steadiq™ is extremely lightweight which makes it a breeze to carry around. You can fold it up and store it in a bag or in the dashboard of your car. This will make it easier for you to carry it around, even if you have to carry it in your hand.
  • Crafted from Premium Grade Material Only: The body is sturdily constructed from anodized aluminum that makes it strong, tough and corrosion-resistant. The horizontal armrest has a coating of EVA that makes holding on to the stick comfortable. Also, premium-grade plastic has been used in some parts of the cane to hold the entire model together. 
  • Material: Anodized Aluminium + EVA + Premium quality plastic
  • Color: Metallic Black
  • Size (approx.): 84 x 16 x 2 cm/ 33 x 63 x 0.8 inch (LxWxH)
  • 1 x Steadiq™ 
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