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Initially, we were dependent on others to click our photos than the word 'selfie' came into existence. After the discovery of selfie, came the selfie stick. We all know the importance of a selfie stick that helps us to take selfies easily.

Flexily™ is a multi-purpose, flexible selfie-stick with a unique look. You can use this as a selfie stick as well as a unipod, as it has only one leg. It is wrappable and bendable so you can just wrap it around any stable support or bend it to make a stand like structure.

It can be turned to any desired shape and stays in that shape until or unless we change it. It can be used almost anywhere to capture photos and videos on any occasion without any assistance. If you are a travel vlogger, Flexily™ is the perfect product for you.

Once you are done with your session, you can unflex Flexily™ back or reflex it into any other shape. This is small in size and easily fits anywhere, even your pocket.

  • Versatile and Mobile: The uses are endless. Flexily™ is easily installed and positioned wherever and whenever you want. You can use it while playing any sport, traveling, riding a motorcycle, working out or sitting at home. It is very lightweight and easy to carry. It is waterproof so you can use it underwater as well.
  • Bluetooth Remote: Flexily™ comes with a Bluetooth remote. You can connect the remote with any smartphone through Bluetooth. The remote gives you the freedom to capture photos and videos from some distance wirelessly. It is very compact and can be attached to your keyring to keep it handy.
  • Universal Camera Screw: Flexily™ has a universal camera screw on the top. It is used to attach cameras and other gadgets to the stick. Any camera having the universal camera screw hole can be easily attached directly. For other gadgets, mounts are used on the universal screw to attach them.
  • Multi-Purpose and Innovative: You can use it on the go and mount it on the rear-view mirror to hold your smartphone. Flexily™ design allows us to mount it on a metal bar, pole, cycle, motorcycle, car, table, chair, a branch of a tree, etc. or you can simply bend it to make a stand like structure and you are good to go.
  • Compatible: It is compatible with any smartphone (Android as well as iOS) or GoPro. To use it with a smartphone, attach the smartphone clip holder on the top of it. To use it with a GoPro, attach the GoPro mount on the top of it. The best use of Flexily™ can be seen with a GoPro.
  • Premium Quality and Durable: The material used in making Flexily™ is mainly silicone which counts to more than 90 percent of the material. On the inside of this stick is a rod-like structure made up of high quality flexible and strong metal that can withstand any weather condition without degrading the quality.
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