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Now spend lesser time to clean your fish tank using Aqulox™. This is an electric aquarium vacuum cleaner equipped with a strong suction pump that effectively cleans dust, dirt, and stubborn stains off the entire tank within a few minutes.

This aquarium vacuum cleaner keeps your fishes and turtles healthier by increasing oxygen content in water and reducing the foul smell by cleaning out feces too.

The suction pump is equipped with a powerful 28W motor that cleans sand and gravel of the aquarium. It also doubles as a siphon that allows you to pump water in and out of the tank even if it is at a very low level. The leakproof pipe prevents the water from dripping on the flow while the cleaning is under process.

Now, you will no longer have to empty the tank first and buff the floor and interior of the tank over and over again with your own hands.

  • Multiple Attachments: Aqulox™ comes with multiple attachments that perform different functions to increase the versatility of the product. The filter bag collects the impurities while the showerhead can be used to shower the turtle or other marine pets in your aquarium. The duckbill suction attachment will suck out dirt and gunk from each corner of the tank and the suction cup allows you to keep the pump stuck on the fish tank while the cleaning or water exchange is under process.
  • Easy To Use: To start cleaning your aquarium all you have to do is select the attachment you want to use, then adjust the length of the metal rod according to the depth of the water and use the on/off switch to keep it running for as long as you want. You can then easily change the filter bag that filters impurities from the water once the cleaning is done.
  • Cleans in a Jiffy: Cleaning your fish tank will no longer be a time-consuming task since all you have to do is choose the attachment and then put the pump into the tank and start cleaning. This will also save you from getting professional help to clean larger fish tanks.
  • Ergonomic Design: Aqulox™ has been intelligently designed with an easy-grip handle that makes moving the pump around the tank easier. The adjustable metal rod can be removed when you do not have to use the pump and makes it easy for you to store. Also, a water valve is constructed to let you control the flow or speed of the water flow into the tank.
  • Premium Quality Material: Aqulox™ is created from premium grade plastic and high-grade copper that makes it resistant to corrosion. The pump is strong enough to withstand frequent uses and doesn't require any maintenance either.
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