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Shaperix™ lets you copy the exact measurements and shapes, draw the profile on your projects or copy it on to another surface effortlessly! 
Simply press the profile gauge against the object to match the contour and create an instant template for marking precise cuts.

Its teeth perfectly conform to shape and holds its pattern for hassle-free usage, offering perfectly measured and duplicated contours every single time! Made of high-grade material, this gauge measuring tool precisely measures irregular and intricate shapes while it's user-friendly design makes Shaperix™ perfect for carpentry, woodworking, operations on autobodies, auto metal sheet, stainless steel, winding pipes, ducts or any duplication and modeling jobs.

Whether you are a professional, hobbyist or planning to renovate your home and garden on your own, Shaperix™ could be a perfect companion for your job!


  • Perfectly Duplicated Contours: Shaperix™ precisely duplicates any shape and creates an instant template, every time. With this tool, you will never have to waste hours on guesswork.
  • Convenient and Easy To Use: No more transferring profiles to paper or cardboard. Now record the cross-sectional shape of a surface with this gauge tool. Simply press the gauge on to shape to match the contour, copy/trace the profile and cut to shape. Copying a profile could not be easier!
  • Inch and Centimeter Measurements: This contour gauge features ruler marking for quick and easy use and ensures you get an exact replication of your copied shape instantly.
  • Multipurpose:  The profile gauge is perfect for both personal and professional use. The innovative tool can easily contour winding pipes, circular frames, ducts, and any irregularly shaped objects which makes Shaperix™ ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, modeling etc It is also very useful for all kinds of carpentry, woodworking, operations on auto bodies and much more.
  • Premium Quality Material: It is made of high-grade ABS material and built to last. It is durable, rustproof and lightweight which makes it perfect for easy storage and carrying on the go.
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