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Do you also want all your clothes neatly folded that stays put even when you stack them one on the other? It is now possible with Stackzo™. It is a cloth organizing board that holds neatly folded clothes in place to eliminate any chances of wrinkles from coming on them. Equipped with multiple holes on the surface, Stackzo™ holder will allow proper air circulation to keep away any kind of odor from your garments.

Stackzo™ will also make your laundry day less tiring since it will hold the neatly folded clothes in place and you can then easily put the stacks in their respective places. Unlike before when you had to take out the shirts and refold, you will no longer have to worry about cleaning your cabinet every now and then. Just place your shirts, trousers, jeans, and tees neatly on them and stack them one on the other.

While taking out your favorite jeans from the bottom of the stack, you will not disturb the pile of garments placed above it, thus saving a lot of your time and keeping your wardrobe mess free.

  • Cleaner and More Organized Household: You can now get a perfectly stacked garment rack just like in stores. Once you stack each of your clothes neatly into the cupboards, it will become easy for you to choose the attire for the day. You will no longer have to do a thorough check into your wardrobe where you pull out all the other clothes just to find the one that you have in mind. Simply set aside the stack and locate your favorite shirt and then put the stack back where it was. Keep your wardrobe neat and tidy all the time. 
  • Makes Your Wardrobe More Spacious: Stackzo™ will save a lot of shelf space for you as you won’t have to just stock up all your clothes at one place. You can fold up your clothes, put them on the board and keep it in your drawer or rack and it won’t look cluttered like before. Keep the boards with your shirts and sweaters one on the other and you will not have any of your clothes lying around, hence you’ll have a more organized wardrobe. 
  • Non-Slip Design: Stackzo™ organizing boards are specially designed with a non-slip surface with two hooks on each side to prevent the garments from sliding off the board and to stack each of the boards on one other.
  • A Must-Have Traveling Accessory: Stackzo™ will not only help you in organizing your cupboard but is equally efficient to accompany you when you travel. It will fit properly in your suitcase and can be carried easily since it is extremely lightweight. The boards will keep your clothes wrinkle free for the entire trip so that you do not have to get them ironed again.
  • Suitable for Both Home and Professional Use: Whether you have to stack clothes in your home or need a resourceful way to neatly organize the garments in each rack in your store, Stackzo™ will serve you efficiently. You can use these organizing boards for your boutique or clothing store and save yourself the time that you used to spend on rearranging the entire place after the customers left. 
  • Premium Quality Material: Stackzo™ has been created from premium grade polypropylene that boasts a sturdy built. You will be able to use the boards for as long as you want, wherever you want and there won’t be a depreciation in its quality.
  • Material: Premium Quality Polypropylene
  • Color: White
  • Size: 33 cm x 26 cm x 4.5 cm
  • 1 x Stackzo™
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