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Isn’t it quite annoying when you aren’t able to find parking under the shade whilst the sun is beaming down! It does not only heat up and damages your car’s interiors but also makes it extremely uncomfortable for both driver and passengers when it’s the time to drive.  Even air conditioners need more energy to work, more fuel to consume and the entire journey becomes unpleasant!

Shieldzy™ uses Heat-shield Technology to keep your car safe from overheating and being damaged when the sun is after it. It features a revolutionary retractable design which allows you to effortlessly mount it to your windshield/ rear mirror or windows and easily stretch across when you need the sun coverage.

Made of high-grade durable Aluminum foil, Shieldzy™ sunshade shields your ride from harmful UV rays by blocking 99.5% of them which reduces the temperature of the car's interior by up to 50 degrees and keeps it cooler and comfortable.

Shieldzy™ also protects expensive interiors from being baked and makes sure that sensitive electronics such as LCD monitors, GPS device, and phones don’t overheat when your vehicle is parked for a long period of time.

Unlike traditional sunshades, Shieldzy™ is perfect for a variety of vehicles as it comes in different sizes and can be cut as per your requirements. It also easily folds away in a compact size for easy storage, so you will never have to worry about space issues or finding it crushed and broken somewhere

  • Protection Against Harmful UV Rays: The harmful sun rays can increase the temperature in your vehicle to possibly dangerous levels, causing damage and also heats up your dashboard area, seats, steering wheel,  seat belts, etc, making them too hot to even touch. Shieldzy™ is made of highly reflective Aluminum foil material that insulates the heat and blocks the UV rays keeping your protected from the heat. Available in different sizes, it ensures better coverage, excellent protection so that there is no uncovered corner left.
  • Retractable Design: You no longer need to spend hours installing sunshades or deal with regular sunshades that keep falling off and hardly do the job. Shieldzy™ features a foldable wave design that is retractable, making it extremely easy to attach or remove in minutes, saving you time and efforts.
  • Effortless Setup: Simply attach the brackets onto the shade, place it on the right spot and secure with suction cups. Now, turn the knob to create an airtight vacuum and insert the shade. Once done, simply attach the transparent suction cups on the other side, pull Shieldzy™ from right to left and buckle it. As easy as that!
  • Premium Quality Material: Shieldzy™ is extremely lightweight, flexible, durable and made of high-grade materials that are built to last. It features Aluminium Foil material on the outer layer to reflect UV rays and Photocatalyst fabric on the inside to insulate heat, which makes this curtain one of a kind. Unlike traditional flimsy shades that do not stay in place and create clutter, Shieldzy™ is sturdy, retractable and reduces to an easy to store size when not in use for a hassle-free experience.
  • Cost- Efficient: Did you know that regular exposure to the sun can ruin your vehicle’s interiors prematurely including dashboard cracks and upholstery and leather fadeaway, reducing their overall lifespan. Since Shieldzy™sunshade blocks the harmful rays you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs or replacements, which makes Shieldzy™ a perfect addition to your car.
  • Versatile: Available in several different sizes, perfect for both windshield, rear window and a smaller size specifically made for side window, Shieldzy™ sunshade is made to fit a variety of cars effortlessly- including Vans, Trucks, Compact Cars, and SUVs! You can also cut it as per your convenience so that you don’t have to worry about any sunlight filtering in through the edges.
  • Keep your belongings safe: If you leave your car in parking or unattended there are always chances of people trying to break-in if there are any valuable items in sight. With Shieldzy™ you can keep your belongings secure as it can be used to cover the side rear windows too.
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