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Thinking of camping out the weekend? Planning a road trip but pondering upon the stressful overnight drive? With Bedzy™ you will not have to worry about it anymore.

It is an inflatable air mattress specially designed for cars and travel purposes that is made to fit the second row of any car and instantly converts the seating area into a comfortable bed. The resting pillow can be kept at the front of the seat to support the bed while you sleep over it.

Bedzy™car bed has been created with ultra-thick oxford fabric and comes with two pillows to provide you with home-like comfort while sleeping.

Bedzy™ will prove to be an ideal investment as it is long-lasting, provides an easily accessible sleeping area and made to fit a whole range of vehicles from SUVs, Sedans, Hatchbacks, etc.

  • Cost-Efficient: This backseat car bed will go a long way proving to be a quick alternative when you are tired of driving. You can easily park your car in the middle of a trip at any point in time when you feel like you need to take some rest. It is not only economical but also ideal for kids and grownups alike.
  • Multi-functional: If you think Bedzy™ only solves one purpose then you are in for a surprise. It can also be used as a couch or seating arrangement even outside the premises of the car. It can be used during camping trips, trekking, picnic or just as an extra for accommodating more people.
  • Easy to Use: Bedzy™ car bed can be used by anyone and you do not need any extra help to get comfy. All you need to do is plug the air pump to the car’s power outlet and insert the nozzle into the air hole. Once the mattress is puffed up, close the air hole carefully and you will have your cozy bed ready in no time.
  • Easy to Store: Since the backseat bed is inflatable, it can be folded up and easily stored, without taking any extra space. This also provides the autonomy to bring other things that you need for your trip without worrying about having to compromise with the available space.
  • Easy to Clean: Whenever you feel your mattress has become dirty or need a washing you can simply use the cleaning cloth, soak it in water and swipe it across the material. It will get rid of all the stains and you will have a mattress as good as new. 
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