CleanCar™ - Backseat Organizer

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Are you struggling to keep your car clean and organized? Or your kids are constantly leaving clutter lying around the car?

With CleanCar™ Car Organizer, you can finally take a breath of relief as it will keep your car’s interior clean, organized and safe from scratches while making your rides convenient and comfortable.

Made of durable felt, CleanCar™ comes with enough pockets and compartments that can hold bottles, phones, tablets, tissues, magazines, sunglasses, notebooks, kid’s essential and more.


  • Keep Your Car Organized: Can you never find anything in your car?  With CleanCar™ keep everything organized. Fit all of your items exactly where you need them to and never lose them again.
  • Multiple pockets: CleanCar™ comes with plenty of pockets of different sizes and shapes, so that you can store anything you want. From notebooks to beverages, it has a different compartment for every item. You will never have items sliding around on your floorboard again.
  • Your perfect Travel partner: Enjoy your next road trip while keeping your car clean and organised! No more worrying about the mess inside the car.
    With CleanCar™, keep everything organized in one place and carry all the essentials with you. Fits most car seats with adjustable headrest, seat back buckles and bottom straps with hooks.
    Whether it’s a long-awaited trip with friends or casual outing with family and kids, CleanCar™ keep your car’s safety covered.
  • Protect Your Backseat: It not only will help you keep your car clean, but it will also protect your backseat cover. Passengers and kids have habit of putting their feet on the backseat. CleanCar™ works as a storage and protects seat backs from kicks - so everything is within arm's reach but not within leg's reach.
  • Wear resistant and Durable: Its durable construction and premium quality material ensures that this stays useful for years to come.
    Made with recycled, environmentally friendly Felt material, it’s easy to clean. Simply wipe down to clean and it will look new as before.
  • Premium quality and well built: CleanCar™ is specially designed with the extra reinforcement at its top part. The stronger material and smarter design make it stable and sturdy. You can stash and stow everything you require to make it through any road trip in comfort.

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