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Capture critical moments on the road and enhance your driving experience with Rydcam™, a Car Dash Camera that records 1944P high-resolution videos and photos for 24/7 security and surveillance of your car.

Rydcam™ automatically starts when you start your car and features both loop and continuous recording. Being cordless and low-key, it takes negligible space while its 140° wide-angled camera and SONY IMX335 image sensor give you superb experience. The media can be saved on cloud storage or a memory card, whatever suits you. The files always remain intact so you get stress-free insurance claims.

Equipped with a GPS module, Rydcam™ keeps track of your position as well as your driving and keeps you safe, no matter where you are!

  • Advanced Driver Assistant System: The ADAS system senses the motion of vehicles around you and warns you for even safer driving.
     1.  Lane Departure Warning: Alerts when you go off the lane to prevent collision with other vehicles.
     2.  Forward Collision Warning: Helps you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
     3.  Vehicle Movement Alerts: Lets you know when a vehicle in front has started in a traffic signal.

  • Easy Installation: This car camera is very easy to install. Put the electrostatic sticker on your windshield and then stick Rydcam™ to it. After that, connect the USB cable to the cigarette lighter charger and you are good to go.
  • G-Sensor Enabled Recording: Equipped with a G-sensor, Rydcam™ enables automatic recording in case of a collision. The recorded video will be saved as an emergency file which can be used as evidence to restore the accident scene.
  • Remote Camera: You can check your saved videos and real-time feed on your phone. Rydcam™ has a built-in wireless hotspot module. You can connect it with your smartphone through Wi-Fi and even record media using your phone.
  • LCD Screen & USB Rechargeable: A 2-inch screen makes it very easy to directly check recent media without downloading it on your phone while the voice command provides more convenience in operating it. You can juice up Rydcam™ with the included USB cable.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Rydcam™ automatically adjusts exposure to give you outstanding picture quality. Whether the exposure is too high or too low, you always capture more vibrant images. 
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