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Wondering how to cut up firewood at home without having to spend a fortune?
Look no further as Chopnix™ is here to make your life easier. This chainsaw bracket attachment will convert your existing angle grinder into an electric saw machine in no time.

The bracket set contains separate tools that can be put together on your angle grinder to be used as a chainsaw machine and setting it up is a straightforward procedure without much hard work.
Chopnix™ uses the grinder’s power as a driving engine while the torque powers the saw.
This electric chainsaw will provide as much power as the gas models and you can use it for different works such as chopping firewood, lopping, carving, bamboo harvesting and more.

It features automatic oil lubrication as you get an oil holder that can be refilled and re-attached easily. 

It makes for an ideal chainsaw not only for its performance but also because it doesn't give out any smelly and harmful emissions.
You no longer need to buy expensive chainsaws when you can get such good use out of your existing tool. 


  • No more manual woodworking: Give your hands rest as you no longer need to keep pulling on a recoil cord to start your saw machine.
    Chopnix™ is easy to assemble. Simply attach the chainsaw on your grinder, turn it on and it will effortlessly cut through any hardwood with precision. It is best suited for people who are into cutting and carving wood on a regular basis.
  • Portable and Time Saver: Get your work done quicker as Chopnix™ is lightweight and easy to use. You will be able to save a lot of your time that you spend on getting your regular saw machine started. Once you attach the kit on your cordless angle grinder, you can take it anywhere that you want. 
  • Convenient: Even if you are a beginner at this, you can effortlessly cut through any stubborn branches and trunks using Chopnix™. It has been designed with a host of smart features including a high comfort handlebar that can be attached to any side of the angle grinder depending upon whether you are left-handed or right.
  • Cost-Effective: This bracket kit will go a long way in helping you carve and chop wood as you won't have to invest in heavy and costly machinery for sawing. Also, the maintenance of this chainsaw bracket kit will not cost you anything compared to maintaining the traditional saw machines. 
  • Premium quality materials: The guide bar is made up of spring steel while the ultra-strong chain is made up of high-grade carbon steel, making it wear-resistant. It also has a thicken protective guard that will protect the chain so you can use it over different kinds of woods without incurring any damage or breakage.
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