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Are you tired of covering food with slippery lids, foil paper, and other temporary options? Do you always end up throwing leftovers in the trash?

Now keep your food, fruits, and vegetables fresh and delicious with Vaclid™
Just place the lid over your food utensil, and slightly press the lid cap to create a leakproof, vacuum seal.
You can use it with any plate, bowl, pot, pan, dish, and even your cutting boards to create an airtight seal in seconds. It's the easiest way to keep the leftovers as fresh as the day they were cooked.

To unseal the lid,  just press the top and the food is ready to eat. Made of strong, durable and BPA free materials, Vaclid™ keeps the food fresh and safe for over a week.
It is cold and heat resistant,  microwave safe dishwasher safe, stackable for easy storage and goes directly from freezer to microwave.
Vaclid™ is perfect for dinners, parties, picnics, etc and would make a great addition to your kitchen!


  • Easy To Use and Compatible Design: Simply place Vaclid™ over the utensil and press the top of the lid to create a vacuum seal. Its compatible design works with plates, large serving platters, skillets, bowls, pans, pot, etc allowing you to quickly seal-up and store away fruits, vegetables, meat, the remains of a meal, etc
  • Keep Your Food Fresh and Healthy:  Now you can keep raw fruits, vegetables, meat, etc fresher for over a week as the vacuum sealing process inhibits the growth of bacteria. The airtight seal not only keeps your favorite dishes warm for hours but also makes sure that the leftovers stay as fresh as the day they were cooked.
  • Cold And Heat Resistant: Made of durable and high-grade materials, Vaclid™ is resistant to low and high temperatures. Feel free to store the food in the freezer without worrying about freezer burns or compromising on its taste and texture. The innovative design is microwave safe, allowing you to heat your delicious food instantly.
  • Save Time, Money & Space:  Its time to say bye to your traditional ways of food storage! Vaclid™ offers a convenient and economical food storage solution.
    You can use Vaclid™  to preserve your fresh ingredients until you are ready to use them, ensuring there is no food waste. You can also prepare meals in advance for the week ahead, whereas the stackable design lets you store the food items effortlessly which can be reheated at your convenience.
  • Eco-friendly and Safe: Vaclid™ is made of eco-friendly, BPA free and food grade material and safe to use. It is lightweight, durable and features a Date-Dial on the top so that you can keep a track of how long your food has been stored.

  • Easy To Clean: With Vaclid™, you don't need to spend hours cleaning the lids and containers! You can instantly turn your dishes into airtight storage by simply placing Vaclid™ over them. The lid is dishwasher safe and requires minimal cleaning and maintenance.  
  • Material:  Food grade PS and Silicone, ABS
  • Size: 15 x 19 x 7.5cm
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