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Looking up in the sky, thousands of stars beaming down at you, does it make you wonder about the infinite space that lies ahead of all that you can see? Now bring this marvelous creation to your home with Cosmonix™.
This is a 3D solar system glass ball with laser engraved images of the planets and galaxy that will make you experience the solar system like never before.

It is specially designed with a spherical glass to give a dazzling 360° view of the solar system.
Cosmonix™ creates a very lifelike panorama of all the planets placed in order with their names engraved in white.

It is not only ideal for home decor but just one look at it will give out a mesmerizing effect, calming and soothing your mind. 
You can now hold something so majestic and huge right in the palm of your hands.

Since you can choose from three different kinds of stands for Cosmonix™ to be kept on, this elegant piece of decoration can be placed anywhere, be it your living room, bedroom, study or office.


  • Stereoscopic 3D Vision Technology: Cosmonix™ has been crafted with utmost skills to model the planets revolving around the sun into a crystal ball. The laser engravings have been created without breaking the surface of the crystal with smooth finishing, to bring out the majestic side of the cosmic ocean.
  • Creates a Charismatic Aura: You can see the solar system light up in a split-second, enhancing the view altogether. Simply place a light below the glass and admire its beauty at the comfort of your home. Unlike anything you have seen before, Cosmonix™ is a timeless beauty.
  • Inspires Photography: Cosmonix™ will inspire you to get in touch with your creative side as it is a wonderful piece of art that can be used for photography purpose. The crystal is made of fine material with clarity that reflects the surroundings, thus giving out a charming view. The reflection is so clear, it will be a great prop for a photographer. 
  • Premium Quality: The solar system ball is made of high-end K9 crystal, giving it better transparency and making it glossier. It is durable and long lasting as it is created entirely out of crystal without any mixture of plastic to jeopardize its quality.
  • Perfect for Gifting: This 3D solar system crystal ball is not just meant for home decoration but it also makes for a perfect gift to all your loved ones and especially for all the Astrophiles out there.
  • An educational tool for children: Bring home Cosmonix™ and watch your kid's inquisitive side take over. The detailed view of the solar system will provide your children with a basic understanding of the universe and all the planets revolving around the sun. 
  • Material: K9 Crystal
  • Size: 6cm diameter
  • Weight: 300gm
  • 1 x Cosmonix™
  • 1 x Stand
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